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16T Hub

1. With boutique quality and high-quality service 

2. The parts of the product are designed and produced independently

3. With high self-made rate

4. Controllable cost and affordable price.
  • SAIL

Product Description

Elevate your driving experience with our 16T Hub, a pinnacle of boutique quality and premium service. We take pride in offering a product that stands out for its independent design, high self-made rate, and a commitment to cost-effectiveness. 

Here's a more detailed overview:

Boutique Quality and Premium Service:

The 16T Hub is crafted with boutique quality, ensuring a level of excellence that goes beyond expectations. Paired with our dedication to providing high-quality service, your satisfaction is our priority throughout the product's lifecycle.

Independent Design and Production:

Setting a new standard, each part of the 16T Hub is independently designed and produced. This approach ensures meticulous craftsmanship, allowing us to uphold the highest standards of quality and performance.

High Self-Made Rate:

With a high self-made rate, the majority of the manufacturing process is done in-house. This not only ensures consistent quality but also allows us to exercise greater control over the production, resulting in a product that you can rely on.

Controllable Cost and Affordable Price:

Our focus on controllable costs enables us to offer the 16T Hub at an affordable price without compromising on quality. This strategic approach ensures that our product remains accessible without sacrificing performance.

Tailored Surface Treatment Process:

Recognizing the diverse characteristics and needs of different models, the 16T Hub undergoes a tailored surface treatment process. This can include either a meticulous baking paint finish or a sophisticated electroplating process, providing a visual appeal that complements its high performance.

Low-Pressure Precision Casting Method:

The manufacturing method employed is the low-pressure precision casting method at 0.1Mpa. This technique results in superior formability, clear contours, and an even density. It achieves high strength, lightweight properties, and effective cost control. With a yield exceeding ninety percent, it stands as the mainstream manufacturing method for high-quality aluminum alloy wheels.

Choose the 16T Hub for a driving experience that combines unparalleled quality, independent craftsmanship, and affordability.





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