European Air Suspension Axle
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European Air Suspension Axle

1. Fengao air suspension has 1-axle without lift, 2-axle with lift, 2-axle without lift, 3-axle with lift,3-axle without lift. We can meet customer s different requirement.

2. Customize axles with different wheelbase for customers. General purpose single tire 2040mm double 1840mm.

3. It can be equipped with drum brake and disc brake, hand adjusting arm and self adjusting arm.

4. Full air circuit control system for air suspension can be provided.

5. It can be equipped with air suspension of 120 square axles, 150 square axles, 127 round axles and 146 round axles.

6. There are different air suspensions for use on van, stake truck, low flatbed truck, car carrier trailer, tank truck, etc
  • SAIL

Product Description

Axle Lift
Rated Load
Axle Beam
Leaf Spring
Air Bag SpecL1(mm)L2(mm)








Experience unparalleled versatility and performance with our Fengao European Air Suspension Axle. Designed to meet diverse customer requirements, this axle offers a range of configurations and customization options. Here's a detailed overview of its features:

Configurations to Meet Varied Requirements:

Fengao air suspension is available in 1-axle without lift, 2-axle with lift, 2-axle without lift, 3-axle with lift, and 3-axle without lift configurations. This flexibility allows us to tailor the product to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Customizable Axles with Varying Wheelbases:

We offer the option to customize axles with different wheelbases to cater to the unique needs of our customers. The general-purpose single tire has a wheelbase of 2040mm, and the double tire has a wheelbase of 1840mm.

Brake Options for Versatility:

Our European Air Suspension Axle can be equipped with either drum brakes or disc brakes. Additionally, customers can choose between hand-adjusting arms and self-adjusting arms, providing versatility in braking systems.

Full Air Circuit Control System:

For enhanced control, our air suspension can be equipped with a full air circuit control system. This ensures precise and efficient management of the air suspension, contributing to overall performance and safety.

Multiple Air Suspension Options:

Choose from various air suspension configurations, including 120 square axles, 150 square axles, 127 round axles, and 146 round axles. This allows for further customization based on specific application requirements.

Adaptability Across Different Truck Types:

Fengao European Air Suspension Axle is suitable for use on various vehicles, including vans, stake trucks, low flatbed trucks, car carrier trailers, tank trucks, and more. Its ultra-light overall weight and high-strength, lightweight structure make it a versatile choice.

Maintenance-Free and Durable Design:

The main beam adopts sheet metal punching and welding technology, creating a high-strength, lightweight structure. The integral welded connection between the main beam and the axle eliminates the need for U-shaped bolts and regular tightening of nuts, offering a lifelong maintenance-free structure.

Impact Energy Absorption:

The suspended kingpin shaft features a large rubber-steel bushing as a buffer sleeve, providing excellent absorption of impact energy. This design utilizes the characteristics of airbags to absorb shock loads effectively.

Choose the Fengao European Air Suspension Axle for a solution that combines configurability, adaptability, and durability. 





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