European Type Axle Beam
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European Type Axle Beam

1. Special heat-treat, low-alloy steel axle beam, it has the virtues of good synthetic performance, strong load ability and lower self weight.
2. High quality alloy solid inserted spindle, through wholly heat treatment, provide superior fatigue capability.
3. High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings, extend service life.
4. Easy for ABS installation.
5. Camshaft, matching with special seals, can ensure no entry of the grease into the brake drum, more safety.
6. New tight fit hub cap rings, high property for sealing.
7. Grease lubricant is supplied by Mobil that lengthens the time of free maintenance.
8. Full range of stud fixing such as ISO, BSF and JAP, it can meet the requirements of various wheel rims.

Product Description

Max. Capacity (T)1213141618
A/B (mm)90/6590/6595/75110/70110/70
C (mm)M52 x 2M52 x 2M60 x 2M60 x 2M60 x 2
E x F x T (mm)150 x 150 x 12150 x 150 x 12150 x 150 x 14150 x 150 x 16150 x 150 x 16
L (mm)21222122215522232223
L1 (mm)12301165116411661186
L2 (mm)423
Weight (kg)120120132140140

Introducing our European Type Axle Beam, a robust and reliable component designed for optimal performance in the realm of German-style vehicle axles. 

Here are the key features that set our product apart:

Special Heat-Treat, Low-Alloy Steel Axle Beam:

Crafted from special heat-treated, low-alloy steel, our axle beam boasts excellent synthetic performance, a robust load-bearing capacity, and a lower self-weight. These qualities collectively enhance the overall durability and efficiency of the axle.

High-Quality Alloy Solid Inserted Spindle:

The high-quality alloy solid inserted spindle undergoes thorough heat treatment, providing superior fatigue capability. This ensures long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions, contributing to the longevity of the axle.

Premium Non-Asbestos Brake Linings:

Equipped with high-performance premium non-asbestos brake linings, our axle ensures extended service life. This feature not only enhances safety but also reduces maintenance requirements over time.

ABS Installation Made Easy:

Our European Type Axle Beam is designed for easy installation of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), offering advanced safety features for modern vehicle requirements.

Camshaft with Special Seals:

The camshaft, coupled with special seals, prevents the entry of grease into the brake drum, ensuring enhanced safety and performance.

New Tight Fit Hub Cap Rings:

Incorporating new tight fit hub cap rings with high sealing properties, our axle beam minimizes the risk of contaminants entering critical components, further enhancing reliability.

Mobil Grease Lubricant:

Grease lubrication is supplied by Mobil, contributing to an extended period of free maintenance. This ensures smooth operation and reduces downtime, enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness of the axle.

Full Range of Stud Fixing:

Our axle beam offers a full range of stud fixing options, including ISO, BSF, and JAP standards, allowing it to meet the diverse requirements of various wheel rims.

Choose our European Type Axle Beam for a combination of strength, durability, and advanced features that meet the high standards of European-style vehicle axles.





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