European Type Axle
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European Type Axle

  • Specially proceeded single beam axle by high quality low alloy steel, leading to strong loading capacity, longer life, light weight and remarkable performance.
  • Excellence design for oil seal position and construction for good sealing.
  • Forging processing technology Brake spiders bring high intensity and rigidity.
  • Branded Brake shoes bring excellence braking performance to achieve safety, durability and stability.
  • High compatibility of spare parts and easy for part replacement

Product Description

Technical Requirements:


American Type Axle

Load Capacity(T)

□13T; □16T; □20T

Brake Size(mm)

□420mm*180mm; □420mm*220mm

Beam Thickness(mm)

□12mm; □14mm; □16mm; □19mm

Beam Size(mm)

□120mm*120mm; □150mm*150mm; □Ø127; □Ø146


□Ø 285.75; □Ø335

Track Width(mm)

□1850mm; □2050mm

Bearing No.


Camshaft Length(mm)

□590mm; □641mm



Tire Bolt(mm)


Steel Turn Position


Slack Adjuster

□Manual; □Auto (□10 Teeth; □37 Teeth)

Packing Detail

44pcs/20GP; 58pcs/20GP


□Air Suspension; □Mechanical Suspension


□Disc Brake; □Drum Brake

Tire Type

□Single; □Twin


□With; □Without

Specially Processed Single Beam Axle:

Crafted from high-quality low alloy steel, our European Type Axle features a specially processed single beam axle. This design contributes to a robust loading capacity, extended lifespan, lightweight structure, and outstanding overall performance.

Excellence in Oil Seal Position and Construction:

The axle incorporates an excellent design for oil seal position and construction, ensuring superior sealing. This feature not only enhances the durability of the axle but also contributes to its overall reliability.

Forging Processing Technology Brake Spiders:

Brake spiders manufactured with forging processing technology bring high intensity and rigidity to the European Type Axle. This results in exceptional braking performance, ensuring safety, durability, and stability.

Branded Brake Shoes for Excellence in Braking:

The axle is equipped with branded brake shoes that deliver excellent braking performance. This feature is crucial for achieving optimal safety standards, durability, and stability during various driving conditions.

High Compatibility for Easy Part Replacement:

The European Type Axle offers high compatibility with spare parts, making it easy for part replacement. This feature ensures convenient maintenance and minimizes downtime.

High Efficiency, Thermal and Mechanical Stability:

Our axle provides high efficiency, thermal stability, and mechanical stability. The braking system exhibits low peak stresses, ensuring consistent and predictable brake performance. Developed with the support of brake experts, the German Drum Wheel Axle combines proven technology with detailed innovations for optimized performance and stability.

Significantly Longer Service Intervals:

The design of the European Type Axle results in significantly longer service intervals, contributing to reduced maintenance requirements and improved operational efficiency.

Stable Braking with Virtually No Fading:

Engineered for use on heavy-duty trailers, the axle ensures stable braking with virtually no fading. This feature, coupled with excellent uphill performance, enhances overall safety and reliability.

Excellent Oil Seal and Reasonable Structure Design:

The axle boasts an excellent oil seal and a reasonable structure design. The bearing, oil seals, and grease are sealed in the hub system, ensuring good lubrication and extended maintenance intervals. The design also facilitates quick maintenance, allowing the tire to be disassembled with the hub brake drum as a whole—simple, convenient, quick, and cost-effective.

Choose our European Type Axle for a high-performance, durable, and reliable solution designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty trailers.





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