Twist Lock Type 4
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Twist Lock Type 4

1. With boutique quality and high-quality service 

2. The parts of the product are designed and produced independently

3. With high self-made rate

4. Controllable cost and affordable price.
  • SAIL

Product Description

Enhance your cargo handling efficiency with our innovative Twist Lock Container Locking Cam, a crucial component for linking and securing automobiles, chassis, and trains with standard containers. This intelligent locking device introduces advanced features to streamline operations and improve safety. 

Here's a comprehensive overview:

Versatile Linking and Fixing:

The "Twist Lock" container locking cam excels in linking and fixing automobiles, chassis, and trains securely with standard containers. Its versatile application makes it an indispensable tool in the logistics and transportation industry.

Intelligent Automation and Smart Control:

In response to the evolving landscape of industrial automation, our intelligent casing lock device for chassis is designed to provide a seamless and automated solution. The intelligent control cylinder facilitates automatic opening and closing of the casing lock, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Robust Bearing Design:

The bearing is engineered to support both axial and radial loads simultaneously, offering a large bearing capacity and flexible rotation. This ensures reliable and durable performance, even under challenging conditions.

Automatic Inductor for Status Reflection:

Equipped with an automatic inductor, the Twist Lock reflects the opening and closing status of the casing lock. This real-time feedback enhances monitoring capabilities, providing essential information for efficient operations.

Labor-Saving and Efficient Operation:

The intelligent design of our Twist Lock Container Locking Cam aims to save labor, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate the risk of human error during unlocking and closing. This is particularly advantageous in scenarios such as spontaneous loading and unloading of containers at the wharf and large storage yards.

Prevention of Manual Omission:

By automating the opening and closing motion of the casing lock, the system effectively prevents manual omissions in various operational scenarios. This contributes to a safer and more reliable container handling process.

Enhanced Safety During Transportation:

The intelligent features of the Twist Lock efficiently reduce the risk of container rollover caused by inertia or ramps during transportation. This enhances safety measures and minimizes potential accidents.

Choose our Twist Lock Container Locking Cam for a cutting-edge solution that combines intelligent automation, robust engineering, and enhanced safety features.





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