Twist Lock Type 5
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Twist Lock Type 5

1. With boutique quality and high-quality service 

2. The parts of the product are designed and produced independently

3. With high self-made rate

4. Controllable cost and affordable price.
  • SAIL

Product Description

Boutique Quality and Premium Service:

Our Twist Lock Type 5 is synonymous with boutique quality, offering a level of excellence that stands out. Complemented by high-quality service, your satisfaction is our utmost priority throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Independent Design and Production:

Every component of Twist Lock Type 5 is meticulously designed and produced independently. This ensures that each part is crafted with precision, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of the twist lock.

High Self-Made Rate:

Boasting a high self-made rate, a significant portion of the manufacturing process is handled in-house. This not only guarantees consistent quality but also allows us greater control over production, ensuring a product you can rely on.

Controllable Cost and Affordable Price:

Our commitment to maintaining controllable costs ensures that Twist Lock Type 5 is offered at an affordable price without compromising on quality. This strategic approach allows us to provide a cost-effective solution that meets your container locking needs.

Intelligent Automation for Efficiency:

The Twist Lock Type 5 introduces intelligent automation with an industrial automation intelligent casing lock device for chassis. Equipped with an automatic inductor and intelligent control cylinder, it reflects the opening and closing status of the casing lock and can automatically perform these motions. This innovative feature saves labor, improves efficiency, and prevents human errors during unlocking and closing.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Designed to solve manned operation scenarios, the Twist Lock Type 5 prevents manual omissions during spontaneous loading and unloading of containers. This, in turn, reduces the risk of container rollover caused by inertia or ramps during transportation, enhancing overall safety.

Choose our Twist Lock Type 5 for a container locking solution that combines boutique quality, intelligent automation, and affordability.





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