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Shandong Feng'ao Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Is located at the foot of Shuiboliang Mountain, which is beautiful and famous both at home and abroad. It is adjacent to Jiguang Expressway in the east, Beijing Jiulong Railway in the west, and National Highway 220 passes through the country. The location is superior, the scenery is pleasant, and the transportation is very convenient. The company mainly produces and operates customized semi-trailer support axle, 13 ton - 25 ton American axle, 12 ton - 20 ton German axle and special axle.

Shandong Feng'ao Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company has been committed to the development of new products and technological innovation for many years. Taking quality as the life of the enterprise, the company has put forward the quality concept of "creating a famous brand with quality, and entering the market with a famous brand".
The company has a production line for axle tubes, electric brake drums, wheel hubs, shoe shoes, and wheel hub covers. The company has complete detection and test means, and has special test instruments such as Hikscon CMM, digital universal length measuring instrument, metallographic analysis instrument, etc Testing instruments and equipment, strict and standardized inspection process, ensure to provide users with qualified special trailer axles.

Shandong Feng'ao Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

With full entrepreneurial enthusiasm, decisive and capable work style, and qualified and capable production management team, all employees of the company warmly welcome people of insight to visit Liangshan and come to the company for inspection, business negotiation, win-win cooperation, seek common development, and create brilliance!

Customized Semi-trailer Support Axle Factory




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